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Reinvention Retreat

Unlike any Getaway You have ever heard of Come Sail away to design a New Life Course to Pursue Your Passions!

Take The Passion Test during a facilitated workshop to find what will make your life fuller, richer and more satisfying.

Then spend the next 3 days working with World Class Facilitators, Counselors, Authors and Mentors to help you design an implementation plan that you can step off the ship ready to begin making the Rest of Your Life, The Best of Your Life!

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Lunch and Learn

Busy and stressed …that pretty well sums up our lives today. My sessions recognize this and offer ideas and suggestions designed to fit into the lives we lead. I firmly believe that good nutrition isn’t about denial. It’s about making good choices. The first step is to understand how nutrition affects our lives…physically and emotionally. Then find opportunities to make the right choices that can make a real and tangible difference.

These Sessions will be customized to your group, and are fun and interactive. You’ll benefit from easy, real-life suggestions that lead to:

  • improved overall health and feeling of well-being
  • increased focus and energy
  • reduced stress
  • improved sleep
  • healthy weight management

The result is a more engaged and productive team.

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